Did you know that our company brand Hlava means Head in English?

Web development

The World Wide Web comes in many forms and there are infinite ways to use it. It is an almost free medium, an information source, but also one of the biggest markets. One look at your website might decide if you are going to hire new employees tomorrow, or if you are going too have to let some of them go.  Web development therefore becomes a powerful tool that enables you to reach out and gain new clients. Quality website will help you break through in the world of the internet.

How to do it?

Tvorba webových stránek

Creating a website

Surely, it was not easy to build your company. It requires certain skill and experience to describe both your company’s history and present activites. Should you decide to trust us with creating your website, we will hear you carefully and ultimately come up with an interactive solution that will express everything you want to be expressed for both your current and future clients – your customized website. We do not need you to know what SEO, PHP, SQL, ROR, Drupal or WordPress means. If you are interested in these, do not hesitate to ask us. We are using all these techniques, tools and procedures while designing a website. Thanks to all these tools, your clients will be able to easily look you up on the internet and get to know your company. The content of your website will be correctly displayed on all of his devices, whether it is a computer, a tablet, a phone or another device used to browse the internet.

    Webdesign a redesign

    Webdesign a redesign

    Both of these contain the word design. Design is all around us and it affects our decisions. It makes us feel emotional and, ultimately, makes us pick things.  Visuality is a powerful tool that can attract attention or make things seem invisible. This is no different on the internet. Quality web design can make your company profit, all while making your competitors look weak in comparison.