Did you know that our company brand Hlava means Head in English?

Outsourcing IT

The division of labour has been around since the ancient times and its usefulness has been proven numerous times since. IT outsourcing is a prime example of that. You can surely complete various tasks on your own, but once things start to pile up it can get complicated and, most of all, ineffective. This is a huge issue in IT. Outsourcing will save you both time and money.

We provide IT outsourcing for


Complex ICT solutions

You do not have to move a muscle. We will design both your hardware and software structure in a way that it suits your specific needs and requirements. Whether you are an owner of a small company or a representative of a bigger one, we will provide you with the whole package of our services.


    Network administration

    The costs of running your own IT department are high and rising by the minute. Delete this item from your budget by managing your network externally. You will be provided with a professional administrator that will take care of all your service operations and solve emergencies. You will be able to reach him online or by phone at all times.


      Rental and management of servers

      It is considerably expensive to buy and manage your own servers. An effective solution to this is to lease a server and have it managed. Our specialists will help you make the right choice, whether its regarding managed, dedicated or virtual servers. Our solutions will help you save resources. We will provide you with individual configurations of servers on all of its levels. Our servers are being maintained by professionals that ensure they are running smooth, safe and stable.



        Clouds, clouds, clouds… Are you seeing them everywhere, too, and does it make your Head feel dizzy? That is right. We are here to make cloud stop being your worst nightmare. It is nothing extraterrestrial, in fact, it is another way to save resources. Cloud computing is a perfect way to get the desired functionality without having to spend money on hardware or software. You do not even have to know which kind of hardware or software you need. You simply tell us what you need and we will provide a service for you, accessible through the internet. With cloud computing your IT infrastructure can boast features you could not realistically afford otherwise, almost instantly.


          Audits and consulting

          When people work in a company for a long time, as they complete the same tasks over and over again, they stop noticing things because of routine. They are unable to see the bigger picture or to see things from different perspectives. There are many ways to move a file from one directory to another. Imagine how many possibilities are there in your whole IT infrastructure. Your Head does not have to feel heavy because of it. Audits and consulting will help you get rid of unnecessary processes in your company, making it much more efficient. You could also use it if you recently took over someone else’s job or if you are starting a new project.


            Servicing of computers and mobile devices

            Nothing is eternal in this world, but we are here to make sure that the devices you like using stick with you for as long as possible. Is your computer slow? Your notebook does not last long on battery power? Is your phone or tablet malfunctioning? Do not lose your Head. We are here to provide professional help. We will clean your device, remove any viruses and dangerous applications. We replace or upgrade necessary components. We will save your data. Whether you have just that one computer or operate several of them in your office, you will find help with us.