Did you know that our company brand Hlava means Head in English?

Online marketing

Your website is amazing, your products are extraordinary and you are doing a great job running your business. But all of that can be for nothing if there is no one to notice. You might have that ‚friend of a friend‘ thing going on, but online, that friend should be the search engine. If this ‚friend‘ does not know about you, neither will your client.

Tackle the problem with your Head

Analýza webu

Web analysis

Imagine you are going to a supermarket but you can not seem to find the shopping cart. You are not likely to buy much. Whatever it is you end up buying, it will not be everything you came for. It is the same with a website. If you make your client to visit your website, you need to make sure he finds whatever he is looking for right there. Simply put, your website needs to be able to sell your product and/or service you are providing. It is only at the time he buys something that he becomes your client, rather than just a visitor. Only an intuitive and well-organized website can accomplish a transformation of this kind.



    Nowadays, you would not find a person who has never looked something up on the internet. And let’s be honest now – who does ever go beyond like the third page with the results? Okay, you seem to like your old notebook that has such a low resolution and therefore displays less results on one page. You might get up to four. Anybody else? Let’s be clear about this. Links on the right side of the page and the ones at the top are paid for, and the rest of them have quality SEO. Do you want it, too?



      Microsites or minisites are rather small web projects that function mainly as a support and can also be temporary. Their main goal is to raise awareness about a certain service or a product and doing so in a fast, cheap and simple fashion. A quality microsite can provide this for you sooner than your competitors manage to redesign half of their website because of one product. Keep it simple.


        E-mail marketing

        Email marketing

        Your customer care is just as important as maintaining good relatinships among your family. Each and every one of your clients will appreciate you showing interest in them. A newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and to maintain good relationships with them. It not only enables you to tell your cleints what is new in your company and what are you currently working on, but through evaluating the responses it provides you with valuable feedback. Email marketing can help you communicate with your current clients as well as with the ones that are just thinking about buying your product and/or using your service.